Fury Hydraulic Setting Tool

The COS' Fury Hydraulic Setting Tool is designed to set bridge plugs, cement retainers and packers using the work string, production tubing or coil tubing. No rotation is required making it suitable for coil tubing and horizontal applications. Circulate ball down to Fury HST, apply required pressure from the surface and disconnect. The tubing will automatically drain coming out of the hole. The Fury requires 3,482 PSI at the tool to shear a 50,000 pound stud (7″ & larger casing). A lower disconnect pressure (PSI) can be obtained by adding a 3-stage conversion kit. This will reduce your pressure to 2,321 PSI at the tool to shear the same 50,000 pound shear stud. The Fury HST accepts most wireline adapter kits commonly used on a Baker No. 20 Wireline Pressure Setting Tools.

Hydraulic Stage Tool
Mechanical Stage Tools

Model “B” Mechanical Setting Tool

The COS's Model B Mechanical Setting Tool is designed to run and set COS’s Model B Sleeve Valve Cement Retainer and Model B-1 Bridge Plug. It is easy to operate and has low maintenance.

This tool incorporates both a stinger seal and built-in snap latch allowing the tool to be latched into the retainer with set-down weight and released with up-strain and/or right hand rotation. This tool can be run time after time by simply moving the drive housing into the running position. Disassembly is not required every time.

The setting tool can be converted for 4 1/2 through 13 3/8″ casing sizes.

Model “BT” Wireline Pressure Setting Tool

COS's manufactures wireline pressure setting tools in both #10 and #20 sizes. These tools provide dependable service for deployment of bridge plugs, packers, or cement retainers.

The COS Wireline Pressure Setting Tool operates the same as other #10 or #20 setting tools.

For complete details such as pricing, technical information or any other questions please contact your COS representative.

COS does not sell power charges or ignitors.

Hydraulic Stage Tool
Mechanical Stage Tools

Model “FH” Hydraulic Setting Tool

The COS's Model FH Hydraulic Setting Tool is designed to run and fully set the Model FH Sleeve Valve Cement Retainer or Model FH-1 Bridge Plug then squeeze or spot cement in one trip. It is recommended for deviated wells where conditions are not suitable for mechanical or wireline set cement retainers, however, its simple operation and easy clean up makes it ideal for applications on drill pipe or tubing. No rotation is required; simply run tool to the predetermined setting depth, drop ball, then pressure up either the coiled tubing, drill pipe or tubing to shear release. The FH Hydraulic Setting Tool fully sets the FH Cement Retainer, unlocks the ball seat, closes the circulation ports, opens the bypass and compensates setting travel automatically. The sliding sleeve valve located inside the cement retainer can now be controlled by picking up 2″ to close and setting down weight to open then squeeze. Cement can also be placed on top of the cement retainer (or bridge plug) and the large by-pass area through the tool helps prevent swabbing.

It can be easily converted to run and fully set the FH-1 Bridge Plugs by removing the stinger and installing a thread protector. When running a bridge plug the tubing will automatically fill through the ports located below the ball seat. The ball seat cannot be pumped out until the setting sequence is complete.

Available for 4-1/2″–20″ casing. Tubing sizes are also available.

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